Dining Frisco, like many start-up businesses, got started out of a need. My husband is a self-employed graphic artist and carpenter and I’ve been in education for the past eleven years.

As a teacher, you put in long hours at school and at home. (Most people have no idea how many hours, outside of the direct teaching of students, goes into being a teacher.) After working all day, and possibly having more work ahead of me when I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was cook.

However, between a carpenter and educator, there isn’t a lot of extra money to go around. So, I was always looking for coupons allowing us to go out to eat. Looking through 4 to 5 different direct-mail magazines and envelopes with discounts for everything from remodeling to beauty treatments and very few dining coupons, felt tedious. And so, Dining Frisco was born. I decided since there wasn’t anything like it out there, why not create a food and restaurant only magazine, just for the Frisco, Texas area – and make it affordable for ALL involved.

Our hope going forward is to increase business for our local restaurants, while providing savings to Frisco area residents. This will enable them to support their favorite restaurants more often. Secondly, Dining Frisco will encourage new Frisco residents to explore the many dining choices in Frisco, Texas.

We are excited about Dining Frisco, and we hope you will be too.


The Tipton Family